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Interested in the Adopt-a-Lot program?

This program is available for individuals who live in Calhoun County, Michigan and already have property in very close proximity, if not adjacent, to the property.


The Adopt-A-Lot Program is a vehicle by which citizens can invest in their neighborhood and community by taking responsibility for a vacant Land Bank property for $25 per year. In this program, citizens, individuals, or groups can adopt a lot with a commitment to care for and maintain it with an annual renewal option.

The Adopt-A-Lot Program can also be a good answer for property owners with a vacant Calhoun County Land Bank Authority lot next door. The program would afford the applicant a formal agreement enabling them to mow and maintain the lot to their preference if they are unsure about making a purchase. At the same time, the participant is free to enjoy the lot for gatherings and outings.

Green space is important to a healthy environment and community. The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority has numerous vacant lots in its inventory and with the continuous effort toward blight elimination, this number will increase as vacant lots are the natural bi-product of demolition. Managing vacant lots in a thoughtful way can not only beautify the neighborhood, but it can also help the land to absorb more water, instead of flowing into the pipes underground. This makes less work for the sewer system and keeps the water clean, which saves money and helps the community become healthier, too. Planning and being creative with vacant spaces has the potential to really impact the community in a positive way.

If your group or organization has an idea to turn Land Bank property into common green space for the benefit of the community and is willing to maintain that green space, let us know! We would love to talk with you about garden lease opportunities. 


The Adopt-A-Lot Program can be utilized as a stepping stone toward purchasing the property by providing a way for the applicant to demonstrate good stewardship while working through any issues impeding their purchase, such as delinquent taxes, code compliance issues, or more formalized site plan for a potential build.

Annual fees paid during an Adopt-A-Lot agreement can be applied toward the purchase price at the time of sale. Permanent structures or fences cannot be erected on the property, although temporary fence options can be pursued for specific situations.

To pursue an agreement through the Adopt-A-Lot Program or Garden Lease Program for a Land Bank property, contact us at 269-781-0777 or email