Board of Commissioners approves appropriation of $600,000 to Calhoun County Land Bank Authority

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Surplus from Treasurer’s Office will help fund projects throughout Calhoun County

MARSHALL, Mich. – The Calhoun County Board of Commissioners today approved the appropriation of $600,000 in surplus funds from the Calhoun County Treasurer to the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority.

“The Calhoun County Land Bank positively impacts neighborhoods across Calhoun County by eliminating blight and improving properties, and we’re pleased to allocate these funds to help further that effort,” said Brian Wensauer, Calhoun County Treasurer. “As chairman of the Land Bank Board of Directors, it’s an honor to be able to assist with critical projects that fulfill the mission of the Land Bank.”

The Calhoun County Land Bank has a number of tools at its disposal to target blighted and unsafe buildings, which pose safety concerns and decrease surrounding property values; one of those tools is demolition. However, funding is a challenge and that often means that certain projects cannot be completed.

The $600,000 surplus will be used on the following commercial and residential demolition projects:

  • The former State Farm building, 410 East Drive, Marshall
  • The former Bedford Mill, 22220 Bedford Road, Bedford
  • An auto body repair shop, 319 Hamblin Avenue, Battle Creek
  • 13 houses in Battle Creek
  • 3 houses in Albion
  • 2 house in Homer Village
  • 1 house in Lee Township
  • 1 house in Emmett Township

“This funding is critical to the Land Bank’s goal of eliminating blight, improving neighborhoods, promoting public safety and protecting home values, and I want to thank Treasurer Wensauer and the Board of Commissioners for their continued support,” said Krista Trout-Edwards, executive director of the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority. “This funding will be used to supplement existing project funds and to complete projects that would otherwise not be possible, we are excited that we can now address some long-term problem properties.”

“We’re proud to support the Land Bank and its efforts to remove blighted and unsafe structures in Calhoun County,” said Kelli Scott, County Administrator/Controller.

Derek King, County Board Chairman added, “We applaud Treasurer Brian Wensauer for stepping up to help the Land Bank complete these important projects.”