Calhoun County: Grant Will Wipe Out Much of Blight on Land Bank’s Books


Krista Trout Edwards, director at the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority, tells WBCK blighted properties account for about 25% of the land on its rolls right now. She also says a $3.8 million grant from the Michigan Homeowner Assistance Nonprofit Housing Corporation and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority will allow for the Authority to raze most of those buildings – if not all of them.

“The grant will have an enormous impact” on blight in Calhoun County, according to Calhoun County Treasurer Christine Schauer, who is also the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority chairperson.

Schauer tells WBCK the grant application submitted by the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority was touted as the most impressive of those received.

As blighted homes bring down values of those around it, the expectation is a fast-tracking of demolishing of blighted properties will stem devaluation – and eventually turn it around.

Source: WBCK 95.3