Calhoun County Land Bank lists 373 Riverside Drive for sale, requires buyer to rehabilitate the house

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Troxel Realty is now accepting offers from qualified buyers on one of the oldest houses in Battle Creek

MARSHALL, Mich. – The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority today announced it is listing 373 Riverside Drive in Battle Creek for sale. The Land Bank’s Realtor, Troxel Realty, is accepting offers from qualified buyers from now through March 22 on one of the oldest homes in Battle Creek.

“After receiving interest from several people who want to restore this historic house, the Calhoun County Land Bank has listed 373 Riverside Drive for sale with our realtor, Troxel Realty,” said Krista Trout-Edwards, executive director of the Calhoun County Land Bank. “Due to the site’s flexible zoning, we are listing this property under our Transform This Home and Transform This Commercial Property programs. By selling the house through these programs we are ensuring that whoever purchases it cannot tear it down and must rehabilitate it, preserving a key piece of Battle Creek’s history.”

This house was built in 1852 by Warren B. Shepard, who is remembered for being Battle Creek’s first schoolteacher. This brick house is significant in local history because it reflects the pioneer era when settlers first arrived, a time that predates the manufacturing age that defines much of Battle Creek’s legacy. The house remained a family home for the Shepards for more than a century, but is now owned by the Land Bank.

The property will be listed for 14 days, with offers accepted from March 8 through March 22. The minimum bid for this site is $3,000, which covers the costs the Land Bank has put into the property, as well as program administration fees.

“The two-week window for offers mirrors the Land Bank’s procurement process. It also helps us capture the most serious and qualified buyer possible,” Trout-Edwards said. “We’re not looking to sell this property to the highest bidder. Rather, we’re looking for the right buyer, with experience and resources, who can restore this historic property and preserve an important piece of Battle Creek’s history.”

Both the Transform This Home and Transform This Commercial Property programs require buyers to establish a rehabilitation plan, develop a budget and describe past experiences, among other benchmarks.

For more information on the listing contact Al Morehart of Troxel Realty at 269-441-8184, or Melissa Kennedy of Troxel Realty at 269-441-8183. The listing is also available online. All offers must be submitted to Troxel Realty by 5 p.m. March 22.

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The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority is a separate legal authority that collaborates closely with the Calhoun County Treasurer and local municipalities to eliminate blight improve downtowns and promote local economic development.