Battle Creek Historic House Up For Grabs!

Megan BrownNews, 2019

It’s once of the oldest homes in Battle Creek, on the oldest road in town.  I’ve thought about what I’d do with it many times.   You know the house…..Territorial and Riverside Drive. The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority today announced it is listing 373 Riverside Drive in Battle Creek for sale. The … Read More

Land bank looks to restore some of Battle Creek’s oldest homes

AngelaNews, 2018

For seven decades, 26 Fremont St. was home to one Battle Creek family. Members of the Barber family died here, got married here and operated a small gift shop inside. But the house passed to other owners in the 1950s, became apartments and then became empty, abandoned. The Calhoun County Land … Read More

Land banks: Drastically reinventing communities, even amidst funding crunches

AngelaNews, 2018

Michigan isn’t exactly a stranger to distressed and blighted properties. Many homes across the state have lain abandoned for years — some serving as decade-old reminders of the Great Recession — frustrating residents and business owners alike. These dilapidated buildings often attract crime, cause property values to plummet and dissuade … Read More

Demo Starts this Week on Marshall State Farm Building

AngelaNews, 2018

We told you last May that it was coming…..or, rather, going. Melching Inc. of Muskegon will begin demolition of the former State Farm building at 410 East Drive in Marshall this week. Demolition will continue through late August, with restoration running through September. “The former State Farm building has long … Read More

Study finds land banks boost economy all over state

AngelaNews, 2018

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Michigan Association of Land Banks revealed a study on Tuesday that shows it can boost Michigan’s economy. The study showed that through the Land Bank, job growth has increased tremendously throughout the state with construction and landscaping industries. On top of job growth land banks have brought … Read More

Land Banks Claim Generate Economic Impact

AngelaNews, 2018

Land banks can and are having a substantial economic impact in the communities they serve, according to a first-of-its-kind study released today by the Michigan Association of Land Banks (MALB). Michigan has been a pioneer in the use of land banks to rehabilitate and re-use abandoned, blighted and mainly tax-foreclosed properties, according … Read More

Study: Land Banks Provide Significant Economic Impact

AngelaNews, 2018

In its first comprehensive study on the economic impact of land banks, the Michigan Association of Land Banks said Tuesday efforts by the agencies across the state have given communities a boost in jobs and investment while promoting innovative development. The 59-page report contains three case studies of the effectiveness … Read More