Land bank, city to tear down these blighted properties


The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority and the city of Battle Creek will tear down blighted properties in Battle Creek and Albion after receiving $224,000 in grant funding.

The grants came from the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority and will be used to demolish eight homes in Battle Creek and 12 properties in Albion. The properties in Battle Creek are in the Post-Franklin and north-central areas of the city; the properties in Albion are near downtown and Albion College. Dangerous structures along corridors and buildings with a lead risk hazard also will be targeted in Albion, according to a news release.

The land bank received $125,000. The city received $99,000.

“Eliminating blight remains one of our top priorities and this grant will allow us to make a real difference in our neighborhoods,” Calhoun County Land Bank board Chair and county Treasurer Christine Schauer said in the release. “We will continue to fight blight in an effort to improve local neighborhoods, promote public safety and protect home values.”

The city worked with neighborhood planning councils to identify the blighted properties, according to the release. Chris Lussier, Battle Creek community development manager, said the continued partnership between the city and land bank will further remove blight and improve safety in neighborhoods.

“We’re proud of our history of working closely with the treasurer and Calhoun County Land Bank to knock down abandoned structures and make real improvements in our community,” he said.

You can see a map of the properties identified so far for demolition here:

  • 264 Hubbard St.
  • 180 Roseneath Ave.
  • 233 N. Wood St.
  • 292 W. Manchester Ave.
  • 71 W. Baldwin Ave.
  • 100 Lathrop Ave.
  • 101 Highway St.
  • 402 E. Burnham St.
  • 223 W. Cass St., Albion
  • 508 S. Superior St., Albion
  • 510 S. Superior St., Albion

Article Source: Jennifer Bowman, Battle Creek Enquirer