City, Land Bank to Tear Down 15 Properties with Grant


The city of Battle Creek will use a $250,000 state grant it received last week to tear down 15 blighted properties.

The grant is from the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority’s Blight Elimination Program, which in this round gave a total of $3.8 million in funding to 19 applicants.

The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority, which owns most of the properties, also is involved.

In its application, the city said the demolitions will address highly visible properties that are dragging down property values, and is part of its strategic plan “to arrest decline in targeted neighborhoods.” More than 800 vacant properties are registered with the city.

Ten of the structures are residential. Seven of the sites are in the Post/Franklin neighborhood and another seven are located in the Wilson/Coburn neighborhood. One is on North Avenue.

The properties are:

261 North Ave.

77 W. Bidwell St.

555 E. Michigan Ave.

24 E. Rittenhouse Ave.

563 E. Michigan Ave.

64 Bluff St.

39 W. Rittenhouse Ave.

61 W. Rittenhouse Ave.

116 Marjorie St.

108 E. Kingman Ave.

108 Highway St.

199 Meachem Ave.

178 Grenville St.

89 Euclid St.

52 Cleveland St.

The city of Springfield also received from the program a $135,00 grant. It will used to tear down the condemned Legion Villa property.

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Source: Battle Creek Enquirer