Northside News: 2nd Edition

Desi SlaughterWashington Heights, News

Advisory Committee members and neighbors with Amy Rose Robinson, CCLBA Property & Project Coordinator during the first Community Walk on August 16. Welcome to the second edition of the Northside News! The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority has put this newsletter together to provide information on accomplishments and happenings related to its work in Washington Heights and surrounding areas, also known as Neighborhood Planning Council 2 (NPC2). We want to get the word out in as many ways as possible to the community about opportunities, upcoming projects, and methods for input. Additional updates can also be found on our website and Facebook page.

There has been significant interest in the CCLBA’s properties in Washington Heights since our grant work began. As many of you may know a “pause” was instituted at the beginning of that work to allow the Advisory Committee (pg 3) and the Land Bank staff an opportunity to work together to review the properties and develop a Land Re-Use plan. Exactly what that pause meant was unintentionally a little sticky. The pause pertained to sales and not the acceptance of interest information. Anyone interested interested in a Land Bank property, can turn in a Property Statement of Interest (PSI) form at any time. Please share this information with friends and neighbors. This form is available on our website or you can call our office and we’d be happy to send you a copy. By submitting the PSI, the Land Bank will have your contact information on record with the property you are interested in and can contact you as properties are reviewed. We don’t want to miss anyone who has an interest.

There will likely be a wait as there are many properties to review and priorities to discuss with the Advisory Committee. But with submission of the PSI, folks can rest assured that their information has been received and that they will be contacted. It will take some time to get through the work ahead, so the Advisory Committee and the Land Bank staff thank you in advance for your patience!

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