Northside News: First Edition

cclbaWashington Heights, News

CCLBA StaffWelcome to the first edition of the Northside News! The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority has put this newsletter together to provide information on accomplishments and happenings related to its work in Washington Heights and surrounding areas, also known as Neighborhood Planning Council 2 (NPC2). We want to get the word out in as many ways as possible to the community about opportunities, upcoming projects, and methods for input. The intent of this newsletter is to share information in a simple, accessible format. The content will also be updated on our website (which is being revamped for ease of use) and will be periodically highlighted on Facebook.

The work the Land Bank is undertaking doesn’t stand alone. We are making every effort to be aware of, and coordinate with, the initiatives of others to promote the hard work of all for the greatest impact. We’d like to highlight those synergies here as well as to include information on successes and opportunities to engage.

What is the Land Bank doing in NPC2, exactly? First we are a neighbor, as the Land Bank owns 200+ properties in the area. We want to transform these properties into assets, and we’ve been diligently working to ensure we hear YOUR VOICE so that the results are authentically positive for the community. We are strengthening partnerships and working to access funding streams to support demolition, rehabilitation projects and attainable infill housing, as well as to support neighborhood goals.

The Land Bank is also bringing its expertise and resources to local residents through pilot programs to demystify the basics of property information, building assessment and redevelopment to support local folks who are interested in pursuing their own projects, but aren’t sure where to start. Building trades training, landscape and beautification projects will also be part of the mix. The needs and desires of the neighborhood will determine much of the “how” and aligning with existing efforts is crucial to getting maximum benefit from this strategy.

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