Practical Preservation Workshop Start Saturday


The Michigan Historic Preservation Network and Calhoun County Land Bank Authority are holding a series of upcoming workshops designed to provide residents with valuable, hands-on training repairing historic homes.

The practical preservation workshops will be held this summer starting on June 9 at 26 Fremont Street in Battle Creek. The workshops will cover foundation and masonry repair, window repair and replacement, wall repair and plaster techniques, and exterior painting for long-lasting results.

“We are thrilled about these upcoming events in Battle Creek and being able to work with the community on historic preservation initiatives,” said Amanda Reintjes, Field Representative for the Michigan Historic Preservation Network. “Improving older properties has proven to boost revitalization efforts in communities across Michigan.”

The series will conclude on August 15 with a community-wide conversation about the challenges and importance of historic preservation in our community.

“These workshops are an excellent way to connect interested homeowners and residents with knowledgeable tradespeople to get hands-on training as well as to jumpstart a wider conversation about historic assets in our community,” said Krista Trout-Edwards, Executive Director of the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority. “Older homes and historic resources are assets to the community and many can be repaired and restored, adding value to our neighborhoods and historic districts.”

Workshops will be held on the following dates:

  • June 9: Masonry & Foundation Repair
  • July 14: Window Repair & Restoration
  • August 11: Pocket Door Reclaim Project, Interior Wall Work, Exterior Paint, Porch Repair & Replacement
  • August 15: Community Visioning Session

There is a $25 dollar registration fee for each workshop. There is no charge for the August 15 community conversation. Details and registration information can be found at

“The Michigan Historic Preservation Network is proud to offer this series through a partnership with the Calhoun County Land Bank, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and the State Historic Preservation Office, the City of Battle Creek and the Battle Creek Community Foundation,” said Reintjes.

“For the past few years, the Land Bank has worked to rehabilitate salvageable homes and to find new approaches for its inventory of older and historic houses,” Trout-Edwards said. “We’re excited to launch the Practical Preservation workshops with our partners, and look forward to building momentum and resources around this issue.”

Article Source: Tim Collins, WBCK 95.3