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The Adopt-A-Lot Program is a vehicle by which citizens can invest in their neighborhood and community by taking responsibility for a vacant Land Bank property for $25 per year. In this program citizens, individuals or groups, can adopt a lot with a commitment to care for and maintain it with an annual renewal option.

Develop This Lot

Develop This Lot

Through this program, the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority partners with interested buyers in the purchase and development process to transform vacant land; for housing, commercial, industrial, or mixed use projects.

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Neighborhood Mow & Maintenance

The Neighborhood Mow & Maintenance Program supports innovative community groups and organizations in fundraising efforts through mowing and maintaining vacant properties owned by the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority (CCLBA). This program provides opportunities for groups to earn funds for neighborhood organizations, youth group activities, field trips, mission trips, outreach programs and other events or community efforts. The program provides excellent exposure for the purpose of publicizing your group and its partnership with the community.

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Side Lot

The Side Lot Program provides the opportunity for homeowners to purchase qualifying adjacent vacant lots for sale by the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority. The purchase of a residential vacant lot enables homeowners to expand their side yard and increase the overall value of their property.

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Transform This Commercial Property

The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority has commercial properties for purchase to rehabilitate. Part of our mission is to support business district revitalization through the management of distressed properties. Many of the buildings offered through the Transform This Commercial Property program are in need of significant rehabilitation; therefore, participation in this program will require a detailed rehabilitation plan, a business plan, a financial plan/pro-forma and will also require a project review by the Development Review Committee.

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Transform This Home

The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority has residential properties for purchase to rehabilitate and occupy. This program is for those who want to purchase and restore a home for their primary residence, but is also open to investors who wish to transform a residence into a viable rental unit. Preference will be given to primary residence applicants.

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Quiet Title

The Calhoun County Land Bank Authority can expedite Quiet Title for real property in Calhoun County; meaning that the Land Bank can take a clouded title through the legal process for resolution, typically making the property insurable in as little as 45 days. This is a service unique to land banks.