Purchased from the CCLBA in 2021 and rehabbed through its Transform This Home (TTH) program, this Battle Creek home was transformed into a faith-based rehabilitation home dubbed "Hope House" through a collaborative effort between Hood Church and Victory Life Church.  The Hope House will follow the Oxford House Recovery Homes model of a self-run abstinence program but will be faith-based. Pastor Raul Maysonet will manage the home and lead meetings and prayer groups, though residents are free to attend any church of their choosing. Residents will be required to find work and pay rent, which will be based on their individual earnings, and each will hold various roles in the residence such as house president, house secretary and chore coordinator.  The home will have up to six residents, who will ideally live in the home for a year upon completion of a life recovery program.  A former addict and gang member, Maysonet compared the house to his own life saying, “it was broken, it was hollow, it was abandoned, nobody cared about it.  But it took a conglomerate of people coming together from every walk of life, every race, every color, to come together to make this a reality."  Above all, Maysonet said the focus is on changing lives and helping people improve their chances of avoiding relapse.

Source: Battle Creek Enquirer, 11/14/2022, article by Greyson Steele.