Washington Heights Advisory Committee Set

cclbaWashington Heights

The committee has been established and is composed of 17 members who are residents, property owners, leaders and elected officials who will engage, inform and support the on-going neighborhood stabilization efforts of the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority within the Washington Heights Neighborhood (NPC2).

This committee was formed by the CCLBA Board to support staff in its work funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. That work focuses on the activation of its land throughout the area. Members of the committee are expected to serve for the duration of the grant, which runs through 2023. The grant was approved to support the CCLBA efforts for blight elimination in the Washington Heights neighborhood. The WHN Advisory Committee has an important role advocating for the CCLBA and residents alike, with a focus on grant activities and a much-needed land re-use strategy for the neighborhood. The grant has a few components, including blight elimination through beautification, demolition, rehabilitation, infill development, as well as training in skilled trades, landscape design and/or lawn care and small scale development. Advisory Committee members must be fair, impartial, unbiased, and respectful as they conduct business on behalf of this project and the neighborhood. Members will gather and provide input from the community, review data, and help in determining project and policy direction. Committee activities must align with existing CCLBA program areas and be considerate of other on-going community projects led by partner organizations so that synergies may develop for the good of the entire area.

Committee members include:

  • Lynn Ward Gray
    CCLBA Board Liaison 
  • Rochelle Hatcher
    County Commissioner District 2 
  • Jenasia Morris
    City Commissioner Ward 2 
  • Ron Sweet
    Neighborhood Planning Council 2 
  • Dr. Elishae Johnson
    Catalyzing Community Giving 
  • Marcelle Heath
    Section 1 
  • Brigetta Phillips-Freeman
    Section 2 
  • Shirley McKinney
    Section 3 
  • Shanay Settles
    Section 4 
  • Aric Vaughn
    Section 5
  • Damon Brown
    At Large 
  • Hannah Frentz
    At Large 
  • Dennis McKinley
    At Large 
  • Arniece Montgomery
    At Large 
  • Centhia Fleming
  • Sherrill Cotton
  • Youth Member
    Accepting nominations 
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