The Washington Heights Neighborhood (WHN) Advisory committee represents the NPC2 area and was formed by the Calhoun County Land Bank Board of Directors to support staff in its work funded by the WK Kellogg Foundation.  That work focuses on the activation of its land throughout the area.  Members of the committee are expected to serve for the duration of the grant, which runs for three years.  The grant was approved to support the CCLBA efforts for blight elimination in the Washington Heights Neighborhood.  For the purposes of this project the WHN and NPC2 (Neighborhood Planning Council 2-North Central) are the same areas.


The Committee will consist of thirteen members from the NPC2 area with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.  They should include representatives living in different areas of the NPC and which likely have different needs based on their locations.  Other partners such as the city of Battle Creek, Habitat for Humanity, Neighborhoods Inc, the Village, and churches will be invited to participate and contribute to the process.

The Selection Committee is composed of:

  • Lynn Ward Gray, CCLBA Board Liaison
  • Rochelle Hatcher, District 2 County Commissioner
  • Jenasia Morris, Ward 2 City Commissioner
  • Ron Sweet, Vice Chair, Neighborhood Planning Council 2
  • Dr. Elishae Johnson, Catalyzing Community Giving Chair

Nominations will be accepted from November 12–December 10, 2021.

Nomination Form

Nominations are now closed.

Advisory Committee Responsibilities