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Promoting Synergies

Much of the Land Bank’s success is that it functions effectively acts as a hub, bringing together local municipalities, nonprofits, citizens, businesses, and community groups.  This unique position has fostered numerous collaborative events and projects. Check out a few!

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Marshaling Knowledge & Expertise

The CCLBA has a proven track record of operating with due diligence, obtaining community input, and seeking out synergies.  It has established itself on local, state, and federal levels as a transparent, efficient, and innovative organization that is frugal, focused, and tireless in seeking opportunities and funding to improve Calhoun County.

The Land Bank is in regular communication with local units of government within the county and also with citizen groups such as Neighborhood Planning Councils to maintain connection with community needs and goals.  Additionally, the Land Bank is active with the Michigan Association of Land Banks, the National Land Bank Network, as well as the Center for Community Progress which holds an annual “Reclaiming Vacant Properties” conference.  These relationships are critical for bringing new insight and new strategies to our work.  The Land Bank is also active with the Home Builders Association, the Battle Creek Area Association of Realtors, the Congress for New Urbanism, and Michigan Historic Preservation Network, which helps to foster an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.

Strengthening Communities

The Land Bank has been active in blight elimination efforts throughout the county since it’s inception in 2007 and has managed over 400 demolitions since.  Removing dangerous and unsightly structures is one way the Land Bank has worked to improve the neighborhoods where it is a property owner.  Knowing that demolition can be bittersweet, the Land Bank has actively sought rehabilitation funding to save and repurpose structures wherever possible in order to maintain the positive fabric of transforming neighborhoods.  Active residential rehabs and partner rehab projects as well connecting non-traditional buyers with distressed, but salvageable, through the Transform This Home program has resulted in over 70 revived homes.

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